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It’s not our job to educate our clients on design.
It’s our job to step into their shoes.


A big reason we love what we do is we get to vicariously partake in as many fields of interest as we have clients. On any given day, we get to talk about the stock market with one client, emerging technologies with another, and attend a runway show with a third. We might even get to discuss politics with a US presidential nominee. But in order to effectively live this adventurous work-life, we are always learning about our clients and immersing ourselves in their worlds.

We know that it will take time to fully get into the heads of our clients. And that it requires trust to grant us that access. That is why our “process” begins with always keeping an open mind and open dialogue. We don’t assume we know all the answers from the start. Sometimes we have have to sit and listen. And ask questions. And the more time we spend going through this process, the better we see the same vision as our clients.


We think a studio’s biggest trap is to believe the client’s initial brief is the whole story. It never is. In fact, often the key to unlocking a project’s success is something no one realized to mention or seemed unimportant at first, but only comes out during the rounds of presentations. But that’s okay. We understand this is part of the process. We know it’s important to keep an open mind and not to assume we know it all. That sometimes we just need to sit and listen.

We believe that design is more than a set of art school edicts or trade know-how. It is a means of achieving compelling communications and products, by way of analyzing objectives and following a rigorous process. This requires a particular temperament. Someone who is mindful enough to know what questions to ask. Curious enough to want to research and discover. And humble enough to know that the answers are waiting to be discovered.

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