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It’s a ton of fun turning creative ideas into business opportunities.


Fun. Social. Fleeting. Anonymous.


“There’s an app for that”, seems so true nowadays. Especially with social networking. There are social apps to help you find that special someone. Ones to help advance your professional career. Even ones that’ll find you a sexy partner for the weekend. And of course the ones that serve a broader purpose always seem to come with a price; your data and privacy.


But how about a fun, social app that doesn’t require you to give up your anonymity? Or one that doesn’t require any real commitment. An app that you could simply just jump in and out of whenever you feel like it. Then finally, there would be a social app that truly was about ‘socializing’.


BirdyTalk lets you simply pairs you up with random strangers across the globe to chat with. Sometimes based on common interests. Sometimes randomly. You’ll never know who you’ll meet.


Finally, the answer to the problems that other services won’t even address.

Squarespace. Weebly. Wix. Great if you have a ton of free time. And some extra money (since you’ll likely end up hiring a freelance programmer to build the site you actually wanted). All backed with slick ad campaigns and marketing jargon, paid for by venture capitalists.


For a low monthly fee, you get the hope and dream of a beautiful and easy to do it yourself website. But not much else. Examples of other DIY selling hopes and dream and cheap. The perfect trifecta that works time and time again. But after years of analyisng observing and actual experience we actually know what is missing for masses. And it’s not a DIY kit.